Plot to Steal Enzo Ferrari’s Remains Busted

Plot to Steal Enzo Ferrari’s Remains Busted

Plot to Steal Enzo Ferrari’s Remains Busted


Ferrari NV’s (NYSE:RACE) founder Enzo Ferrari’s remains has rested peacefully in a tomb in Modena, Italy for almost 30 years, and will continue to do so after police foiled an elaborate plot to rob the tomb of his casket and remains.

The police arrested 34 people this week for the attempted theft. The accused peoplle belonged to the Anonima Sequestri, a Sardinian criminal organization that has a history of kidnap-for-ransom crimes.

Italian State Police say the group wanted to steal Enzo Ferrari’s casket, which contains his body, and then blackmail the Ferrari Family for its return.

The Italian investigators said Tuesday they foiled a plot to steal the remains of the iconic F1 racing pioneer for a ransom.

Enzo Ferrari founded the company that produces the world’s fastest and most expensive cars. He died in Y 1988 at 90 anni after making the company’s Prancing Black Horse logo an internationally recognized brand.

Police in Nuoro on the Island of Sardinia told a news conference they suspected that a local criminal gang had planned to demand a ransom from the Ferrari family or company after spiriting away the body.

They gave no further details about the plot but said it was discovered during an investigation into arms and drug trafficking that led to a number of arrests.

Enzo Ferrari is buried in an above-ground family tomb in the San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, near the Ferrari works at Maranello, Italy.

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