Play God With Nature, Get Burned

Play God With Nature, Get Burned

Play God With Nature, Get Burned

GMO food has been touted as the savior of the world; feed the hungry, make farming more profitable and minimize the use of pesticides, and it is safe.

Lots of scientists have confirmed that GMO food is safe for consumption despite the public’s support for restrictions on such food and labeling of any food containing GMOs.

Despite the assurances that artificially gene-spliced crops (GE) are safe, there are no long-term studies that prove its safety.

The problem is that since GMO plants are patent protected, there are few independent 3rd-party studies. In fact, the majority of the studies that GMO supporters often cite are funded by the members of the industry itself, such agro-giant Monsanto. (NYSE:MON)

Now 90% of Corn and Soybean planted in the US are GMO, there is growing evidence that the benefits of GMO crops are patently not true. In terms of lower pesticide use, recent studies have dispute this conclusion.

In a study released in February, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is now used 20X more than it was in Y 1995, resulting in the creation of new “Super Weeds” that are resistant to all pesticides.

The Big Q: What to do?

The Big A from Big Ag: Spray more pesticides.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) review of recent research sayd that glyphosate, the main pesticide sprayed onto GMO foods, is a suspected cancer-causing substance.

If you wonder, is there a simple way to determine the health of GMOs ourselves?

The American consumer eats so much processed food, that many have lost the ability to tell the difference between natural (Organic), real  food and processed, GE food.

Thinking people know that there is a big difference between real and GMO food.

So, why does not the scientific community challenge it?

According to cellular biologists David Williams and David Schubert, since most funding for GMO research comes from companies that sell genetically modified seeds, current research favors genetic modification in agriculture.

Biologists who point out health or other risks associated with genetically modified crops often find themselves the focus of vicious attacks on their credibility, which pressures scientists who see problems to stay mum on the subject.

The prudent approach to healthy eating is to eat foods that come from non-GMO (unadulterated) seeds grown in the healthy naturally fertilized soil from sources we know and trust.

The food industry’s Key goal is to make large profits.

My goals and those of my family and close friends is to be healthy, safe and happy. So, if we depend upon the corporate food supply, we might, hang on will not achieve those goals.

We can only protect our safety by knowing what is in our food. That is why proper labeling is important, but if you have to read the label, chances are the food is processed.

The Big A: Buying real Organic food from local, healthy sources that your can trust.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

Paul Ebeling

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