Planning and Taking a Family Trip to Botswana

Planning and Taking a Family Trip to Botswana
Planning and Taking a Family Trip to Botswana

Botswana’s diverse landscapes, from the watery-world of the Okavango Delta to its desert-like Salt Pans, make for some of the most unique safaris and family adventures in all of Africa.

The Okavango Delta is known as one of the premier wildlife habitats in the world, home to large numbers and diversity of wildlife.

There is something magical about the Delta, with its amazing sunsets, the sound of the frogs at night, and the elephants wading through the reeds, all combining to make an unforgettable stay.

One of nature’s great spectacles, the flooding of the Delta, brings water from thousands of miles upstream on the Okavango river, arriving into Botswana in the dry season. Huge herds of animals flock to take advantage of the ready supply of water and nutrients, and their predators follow.

What’s more there are only a few camps in the Delta, meaning you’re unlikely to see others during your game drives, adding to the feeling of a true wilderness.

The Okavango Delta is celebrated for its water safari activities. From zooming through the waterways on a powerboat to drifting along in a mokoro, your guide will reveal the secrets of the Delta, while you enjoy seeing tiny frogs and beautiful birdlife, from the lilac breasted roller to the larger waterbirds such as herons, storks and if you’re lucky, the Pel’s Fishing owl.

Botswana is a country better suited to older families as the choices for young families here are limited given the remote locations, age restrictions at the accommodation, and the level of travelling involved with many of its destinations.

Nevertheless, there is great portfolio of family-friendly lodges, camps and villas in Botswana that have kids clubs and special activities for younger children so if you plan to travel there please confer with a seasoned and reliable safari designer/host.

Botswana is the home of the truly versatile safari.

Explore the landscapes and encounter the wildlife by air, boat or even on the back of an elephant as well as the experiences tied up in the luxury and authentic accommodation that include private riverside villas, tented camps, and luxury lodges.

There are specialized travel agencies that have extensive experience in dealing with family holidays as well as a comprehensive knowledge of Botswana, so your personal safari designer will advise and recommend on the best places to stay and tours to be had. They will manage the detailed planning and a personal itinerary organised to the highest of standards for an epic and unique African adventure.

Have a terrific time.



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