Places You Did Not Think You Could Afford to Visit But Can

Places You Did Not Think You Could Afford to Visit But Can

We have all set our sights set on destinations well beyond our budgets. And often dream holidays can often seem frustratingly elusive, and cannot be turn them into realities.

But, your next trip might not be as expensive as you think. As many exotic destinations are actually surprisingly affordable when you look into the details.

Even flights can be less expensive than may have thought.

With that in mind our travel team have picked out some destinations that you may have that you cannot afford, but probably can, as follows:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In spite of the fact that Kuala Lumpur is more developed than many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, the Malaysian capital is surprisingly cheap. For starters, it has some of the world’s most reasonable rates for 5-Star hotels. You can stay at luxury hotels like the Majestic Hotel for far less than elsewhere, and if you can dial-down the luxury, 3-Star hotels are a bargain. So much in the city is on offer for free, like museums, religious sites, parks and more. This exotic destination offers a fusion of dishes to satisfy any self-proclaimed foodie for a fraction of the cost you may have thought. KL is a bargain.

Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Traveling to Paradise is never going to be free, but it’s not as bank-breaking as you may think. To start with, a considerable increase in flight routes to Hawaii has caused fierce competition, great for visitors as ii is pushing prices down. When you get there, you will need to be selective about where you stay. Just a few roads back from Waikiki Beach the hotels are much cheaper, although you will still be close to the beach. When you need to get out and about, you are going to want to make the most of the incredibly commuter-friendly transportation model. Whether you are riding a shared bike or the bus, you are in for a good ride. With activities like hiking, snorkeling and surfing on offer for next to nothing, you get into the Aloha Spirit fast.

Lake Como, Italy

While Lake Como evokes images of luminous mist clinging to still waters, it also brings Hollywood A-listers to mind. So, it is no wonder it can feel out-of-bounds to us regulaf guys. The Key is to stay outside of the central lake. The historic city of Como is the perfect base, lodging is reasonably priced and it’s the area’s transportation hub. You will be on the doorstep of the world’s most beautiful lake while enjoying the Italian charm and less pricey dining that the city has to offer. There is no shortage of things you can do for next to nothing. Explore the nature trails and fairy-tale Italian villages that envelop the lake, take the Como-Brunate funicular to the edge of the Alps and enjoy simple and wonderful food with a view at Ristorante Silvio.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali sounds expensive and is certainly not lacking in exotic beauty, but if you know where to look, you can definitely get a lot for your Greenbacks. The former budget retreat has seen prices rise with the influx of Starbucks and high-end hotels. Do not hang out at a 4-Star restaurant when you can drink beer and eat tasty food right on the beach. Get out on the water but do not get sucked in by rentals. Sunscreen and a snorkel are all you need to explore; you may even catch a glimpse of the famous submerged Buddhist temple on a clear day. What is more, beyond sandy beaches and exotic cuisine there are also some super budget beach-side hotels to choose from.

Fez, Morocco

Although this is 1 of Morocco’s most famous cities, it actually is not 1 of the most expensive, and certainly not compared to neighboring Europe. The price spectrum for hotels is vast. There is no need to opt for all-out luxury but you will get what you pay for, so it’s probably best to aim somewhere in the middle. The city is all about shopping, you will find everything you could possibly want in the souks and, even better still, the price is always up for negotiation. There are many lavish restaurants in the city but also plenty of places to savor authentic Moroccan dishes for less. Try a taste of tagine and tea in Made in M or spice up your life at the authentic Darori Restaurant. 

Enjoy your travels

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