PixelFlik Super Photo Booth in Action

PixelFlik Super Photo Booth in Action

pixelFlik product’s use as super photo booth at Cal State University Fullerton’s largest annual fundraiser concert event.

pixelFlik is a photo and video sharing service that allows users to easily and instantly share what they want, with who they want, in full-resolution

IRVINE, Calif. September 2, 2016 – Badu Networks, Inc. is proud to announce the use of its pixelFlik  service and mobile apps, as well as its optional pixelFlik.tv set-top-boxes, as a large event “photo booth on steroids”.

pixelFlik is a new app and service that is designed to make sharing large amounts of photos and videos with select groups of friends, family and colleagues easy, nearly instant and private. Users can select which group of people (Tribe) to share with and then take a photo or video with their smartphone. pixelFlik then shares the files and video by delivering them to their devices. The photos and videos can then be immediately viewed by everyone in the selected Tribe.

Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF) will use pixelFlik to set up a “tribe” at their Concert Under the Stars event on September 17th. The tribe will consist of two pixelFlik.tv boxes (the pixelFlik app is built-in) and 12 smartphones which will be installed with the pixelFlik app. One pixelFlik.tv box will be connected to two large LED jumbotrons at the stage. CSUF student hosts/hostesses will use pixelFlik installed smartphones to take photos of the event go’ers throughout the event area. The second pixelFlik.tv box will be connected to a 55” HDTV at a large photo booth tent in the field. Guests can put on fun costume accessories and have their photos taken, similar to photo booths at weddings and charity galas. All the devices are joined into the same tribe via the pixelFlik service, thus all photos taken are shared quickly and easily onto all tribe member devices — all the phones and the jumbotron and 55” HDTV. CSUF expects the use of pixelFlik to entertain the guests as they wait several hours for the concert to start. PixelFlik will build connection and community for CSUF with and among the guests.

The CSUF event is a large scale application of pixelFlik but it demonstrates how families, group of friends, weddings, grandparents, people on vacation, etc. can easily share large numbers of photos and videos, frequently; much easier and more private than using Messaging apps, Facebook, or Instagram.

PixelFlik further further saves users time and hassle when it comes to organizing photos and videos of our precious memories. Photos & videos can be organized into folders and sub-folders shares and synchs that organization structure among all the members in the tribe.

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Want to send photos of the kids to the grandparents? Simply share your photos to the grandparents Tribe. Want to share videos taken at an event with your friends in real-time? Simply select the Tribe of friends you want to share the videos with and start recording. Every member of your selected tribe will immediately have those shared photos and videos stored on their pixelFlik account for them to view, in a nicely labeled folder. No need to attach files to an email, share links to stuff you’ve uploaded to the cloud, or expose your life on social media.

pixelFlik is more than just an app.

As mentioned, there is also an optional pixelFlik.tv set-top-box.  pixelFlik.tv is an ideal solution for grandparents and distant relatives, or for people who just aren’t so tech savvy and for those who simply prefer to view their memories on a much larger screen.  As the CSUF event illustrates, the photos and videos just show up on the HDTV (and jumbotrons!). It’s a simple HDMI connection. No need for grandparents and HDTV owners to have a social media account.

For more information about pixelFlik or Badu Networks, please email us at [email protected], or visit us online at www.pixelFlik.com or www.badunetworks.com.

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