Photography News: Interview with Art King

Photography News: Interview with Art King

Photography News: Interview with Art King

Photography by Art King: Models Lenzey Stidham and Samantha Eger, Bikinis Miami Bikini Shop

Who are you as a photographer?

I still consider myself semi-pro with lots to learn.

I will probably never stop learning or never be satisfied that I have learned enough.

I like to have fun at a shoot and I LOVE smiles!

A lot of photographers don’t want smiles but I do both with emphasis on small smiles.

I try new concepts a lot and use props whenever I can include them.


What got you started in photography?

Always have been interested from childhood.

But, expanded into landscapes and events (concerts etc) about 1997

It’s been since 2012 that I’ve done Fashion, Glamour and Portraits.

If you had to choose one lens, which would it be and why?

I love my nifty 50 (Canon 50mm 1.4)

I can catch just about any shot with it and it’s small and lightweight.

Portraits come out just awesome!

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

I love fashion – especially runway.

There’s so much happening in such a little time.

You have to be aware of everything happening, from timing to surroundings.

Getting a good shot is a proud moment.

What is your favorite photography accessory other than the camera?

Editing software!

Adobe Bridge-Lightroom-Photoshop.

Gives an artist the ability to adjust any situation.

I don’t overdue or drastically change, but I modify to make the picture more presentable.

What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

I’d have to say each new assignment is memorable.

But, the ones that I had the most fun and enjoyed the most were both NY Fashion Week & LA Fashion Week

With Miami Swim Week right there in the mix as well.

They offered a lot of opportunity in a short amount of time and you had to WORK IT.

Where would your dream destination assignment be?

Paris has always been a dream place for me – I’m working on getting to Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

I’m also going to Costa Rica in May – anywhere warm and beautiful is a dream come true.

Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph?

A Victoria Secret model – I love their products and I love their choice of models.

Kendal Jenner would also be a choice to photograph.

Other than that

I would like to shoot on the moon or another planet.

Reaching to new heights!

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