That Perfect Idea is Not Perfect, Start Now, Perfect it Later

That Perfect Idea is Not Perfect, Start Now, Perfect it Later

That Perfect Idea is Not Perfect, Start Now, Perfect it Later

Perfect ideas do not exist because, until you put them into the real world, they’re just concepts. In the real world your idea will get beat up a 1000X until it hardly resembles whatever it is at the start. r

People get caught up in the notion that if the idea in their head does not check all the right boxes, then there must be a good reason to hold back.

This leads us to the worst place, because actually getting started is what leads you to the right variation of your idea, not the mental exercise of just thinking about it.

A common misconception that many believe is that ideas are complete at the beginning. So, they go to market, everyone loves it, and then they start making rap video money, Wrong!

The painful truth is that ideas require lots of iterations.

One has to start with the 1st iteration, then improve and modify the product so many times that by the time it becomes the “perfect product” it will just resemble what it started as.

The now  idea is a starting point. The point it to get the ball rolling and worry less about how close to that idea you wind up so long as it is getting closer to a product people desire, love, and cannot live without.

Most great ideas are iterations of an earlier idea.

Know that it is not novelty that wins, it is how one executes on the version entering the pipeline.

There are lots/many good ideas out there, that are waiting to be improved upon. This includes yours, mine, and everyone else’s.

The more time you spend chasing the Perfect Idea the less time can be spent refining the idea until it does approach perfection.

The initial idea is an Acorn, nurture it, grow it into an Oak Tree.

We can help.

Have a terrific weekend.

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