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People Who Exercise More are Happier and More Successful


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People who exercise 4 or more times a week are happier and more successful.“– Paul Ebeling

A recent study found that people who exercise 407X a wk report much higher levels of happiness (75% Vs 25%) and success (74% Vs 26%) than those who only workout 1-3X a wk.

Plus, Americans who work out often report being much more ambitious than their more sedentary counterparts (74% Vs 26%).

The China virus chaos triggered people to exercise, with many respondents saying they are working out more often since the chaos began.

Beyond just exercise, the virus chaos caused 79% of surveyed Americans to become more aware of their overall health and wellness. Another 76% said they are taking actionable steps to improve their wellness on a daily basis, including eating healthy Real food, drinking more water, keeping a better sleep schedule, staying in touch with friends and family, and finding a new exercise regimen.

On average, Americans work out for 45 mins, either at home or at the gym and most respondents say they like working out in the morning. All in all, 75% say they make on-going choices in their lives that allow them to prioritize exercise and fitness.

Others reported they are finding new ways to cope with stress including discovering new creative outlets, working on brain teasers and puzzles, enrolling in educational classes, taking community workshops and helping others.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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