The People Voted a Businessman Not a Politician for President

The People Voted a Businessman Not a Politician for President

The People Voted a Businessman Not a Politician for President

Business Vs Government, Business will Win

US President Donald Trump, a very successful businessman with no “black files” in Washington, DC, has remained a businessman since taking office in January, and The American People voted for him as he is, and that’s that.

That is, The People said, let us try something new, let us try making the Presidency a Real job, let us try putting in the Presidency the 1st person in American history to have not a day’s experience in public service, civilian or military, let us have a successful business man,  we voted for Donald Trump and he is turning Washington DC upside down, there is pain in evolution, and all of the elites pols and embedded featherbedding bureaucrats are scared their welfare is coming to an end.

There are really good things that are to come from Donald Trump’s Presidency, if it “persists as it is now,” said George Will.

“We’ve been treating the Presidency, under both parties, as a semi-sacred element of the nation, as the chief of state with all the symbolic trappings associated with it,” Mr. Will said.

“Maybe now we will begin to demystify the Cult of the Presidency and shrink it back from its grotesque, swollen nature to something that it really is.”

The true purpose of our Presidency is to serve as the head of the Executive branches of our government whose job is secondary to The Congress, the one to see that the laws of Our Land are faithfully executed and the business of The People come 1st.

Donald Trump and The Trump Team is shredding the unholy legacy of the Bush-Clinton-Obama Era and making America Great Again.

Have a terrific weekend.

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Paul Ebeling

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