People Are Eating Fine Meats, the Best in Los Angeles are from Gwen

People Are Eating Fine Meats, the Best in Los Angeles are from Gwen

People Are Eating Fine Meats, the Best in Los Angeles are from Gwen

If you are following the latest food trends you know that Americans will consume a record amount of meat in Y 2018 amounting to an average of 222.2  of red lbsmeat and poultry per person.

Meat based high-protein diets are popular.

Further, we are seeing more superior butcher shops that double as restaurants across the country, where meat-oriented chefs headlining places that cater to the rising demand for aged cuts, expertly made sausages, and cured meats.

These establishments offer pasture-raised, well treated beef, veal, pork, lamb, and chicken, as well as as goat, venison, and game birds.

My favorite is Gwen Butcher Shop and Restaurantin Los Angeles, Hollywood, California

Chef Curtis Stone and his financier brother Chris, have created a premium destination for meat eaters.

There you will find a wide selection of ingredients for award winning Aussie Chef to prepare in his wood-burning asador, such as short ribs, lamb shanks, and dry-aged short loin.

The priciest cuts are the Australian Blackmore Wagyu; the 42-oz bone-in rib-eye goes for $390.

“Blackmore Wagyu is the best beef raised outside Japan, and only a handful of other butcher shops carry it,” says butcher Andrew Sutton.

In fact, Gwen is 1 of just 2 places in the world that offers aged Blackmore prime rib.

You will find Tier 1 food, wine and spirits at Gwen, plus great coffee from St. Ati roasters in Melbourne!

Have a terrific weekend.

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