“Some People Were Born to be Entrepreneurs, I Was”

“Some People Were Born to be Entrepreneurs, I Was”

“Some People Were Born to be Entrepreneurs, I Was”

Before starting my 1st business, when I got discharged from the US Marines, I got licensed in real estate and insurance, and quickly decided it was not for me, if I was going to sell it would be in a much more influential setting.

Starting and building businesses is what I was meant to do, and I can’t imagine any other path in life I would enjoy, I have done everything I ever wanted to do except bungee jumping, and parashooting, some day soon…

I have worked on my ideas over and over and over finding the right product/market formula to make them work. Some did some did not.

Many entrepreneurs fail on their 1st attempt to make a business work. Many fail 5, 10X or more, it was not my experience, the majority of businesses I conceived worked, until I was no longer challenged. Then I went all in on something new and more exciting.

The Big Q: Is there way of recognizing whether we are wired for success as an entrepreneur?

This infographic from StartUpBros.com below lays out the common traits of successful entrepreneurs.


Now, some of these might seem completely random and there is the issue of correlation Vs. causation to consider. But among the really interesting facts in this infographic, you can learn that:

  1. 50.1% of successful entrepreneurs have fathers with bachelors or advanced degrees
  2. 75% ranked their academic performance as in the top 30% of their class in high school
  3. 95.1% had earned at least a bachelor degree
  4. 71.5% came from middle-class backgrounds
  5. 60% said that working for others just did not appeal to them

All 5 are true in my case, are there any successful entrepreneur traits that shocked you?

Stay tuned…

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