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People are Traveling to Tahiti Again


FLASH: The flight time from the LA to Tahiti is only 8 hours.

So, now the paradise of pearls, vanilla, and powdery white sand beaches is more convenient than Europe for American living on the West Coast, but its location makes it seem much farther.

Tahiti has never been easier or more affordable to reach—and people are paying attention. It is a 3 part comeback: A new breed of travelers is attracted to the active pursuits offered by the islands, Tahiti’s cultural exports are cool again, and increased flights from the US on new planes are getting people to the island faster.

In May, low-cost airline French Bee launched no-frills flights between San Francisco and Tahiti on a new Airbus A350 with larger windows, improved onboard air circulation and humidity control, and updated in-flight entertainment. Then, major player United Airlines followed with a new Tahiti route in October, also flying from San Francisco but with a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with similar cabin comfort enhancements. The increased competition put downward pressure on airfares, and flights from the west coast to Tahiti have recently fallen as low as $600 round-trip, half what the lowest priced tickets cost in years past.

French Polynesia flagship carrier, Air Tahiti Nui, took note. It’s now in the midst of replacing its small fleet of 5 aging Airbus A340 aircraft with new, fuel-efficient Boeing 787-9s, with all the same bells and whistles as United’s Boeing planes.

The Big Q: Now that Tahiti is potentially 2019’s hottest destination, how will it handle an influx of interest and visitors?

The Big A: Most visitors there only make it to Tahiti’s main island and Bora Bora, but now that there are more and more affordable flights, it will be easier to keep going and visit others of our 118 islands. This is not just an exciting time for Tahiti, but for all of French Polynesia.

Time to head to Tahiti, Yes?

Enjoy your travels.

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