People are Asking, “Is there more trade pressure coming against China?”

People are Asking, “Is there more trade pressure coming against China?”

People are Asking, “Is there more trade pressure coming against China?”

Clearly, US President Trump believes that his Administration’s trade threats against China are working and now there is talk of plans to focus on new tariffs and possible blocks to Chinese tech investment in the US.

According to an article Thursday in the WS-J, siting un-named sources, next week the US Trade Representative may lay out in detail the products on $100-B list of Chinese goods that may be subject to 25% import tariffs.

You will recall that the initial list of $50-B in Chinese imports did not include some consumer staples such as clothing, mobile phones or shoes, and that expanded will include consumer goods too.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury Department is working up bans on Chinese investment in advanced US technology targeting China’s subsidization of its domestic tech industries that it wants to them into technology champions.

The actions come just after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise last Tuesday to roll out measures to lower tariffs on imported cars and to ease foreign ownership restrictions on auto makers in China.

In that speech, China basically surrendered, and so now President Trump may be going to put more pressure on them before he accepts any final offers.

Further to that strategy, it has been learned that The Trump Administration is working on a program, which could cost billions of dollars, to compensate farmers suffering from Chinese retaliatory tariffs on US crops.

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