Paul Ryan Formally Endorses Donald Trump for President

Paul Ryan Formally Endorses Donald Trump for President

Paul Ryan Formally Endorses Donald Trump for President

Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that he’s voting for Donald Trump for President of the United States in November.

Mr. Ryan sent out a Tweet Thursday afternoon with no fanfare or advance notice. The House Speaker’s spokesman confirmed that the Tweet signified a formal endorsement of Donald Trump.

The Tweet linked to an article on the website for The Janesville Gazette in which Mr. Ryan argued that Donald Trump would “help turn the House GOP’s agenda into laws.”

Speaker Ryan’s says in the article that the “confident America” policy agenda he has been developing since becoming Speaker of the House last fall is shared in Donald Trump’s vision of America.

“Through these conversations, I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives. That’s why I will be voting for him this fall,” Mr. Ryan wrote.

Speaker Ryan concedes that he and Mr. Trump do not agree on everything and that when he sees the need, he will speak his mind.

“But the reality is, on the issues that make up our agenda, we have more common ground than disagreement,” Mr. Ryan wrote.

“A Clinton White House would mean four more years of liberal cronyism and a government more out for itself than the people it serves. Quite simply, she represents all that our agenda aims to fix,” Mr.  Ryan added.

Speaker Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said that the statement marks a formal endorsement.

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