Paul Manafort now ‘in Charge’ of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Paul Manafort now ‘in Charge’ of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Paul Manafort now ‘in Charge’ of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Paul Manafort is now ‘in Charge’ of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign after the campaign announced it has parted ways with Corey Lewandowski.

“Mr. Trump obviously made a decision this morning,” Barry Bennett said Monday on TV. “I have not yet talked to him about it, or anyone at the campaign for that matter, but I think they wanted to go in a different direction. It is his campaign. He is entitled to do that. Corey is a good friend of mine. I hate to see this happen.”

Campaigns grow all the time, Mr. Bennett continued, and “seldom does the same person stay in charge. A general election is much different than a primary. Obviously Mr. Trump wanted to make a change.”

And with the change, said Mr. Bennett, he believes Mr. Manafort is “totally in charge,” but he is not  expecting dramatic changes, as Donald Trump’s campaign is about the nation’s people who are in pain.

“I want him (Donald Trump) to use the skill set he has to become a Champion of people,” said Mr. Bennett. “When he gets going in that vein, he will be unstoppable.”

Paul Manafort was brought in this Spring as a convention manager while there was still speculation that Donal Trump’s nomination could be blocked in a contested convention in Cleveland in July.

In May, Donald Trump tapped Mr. Manafort as his campaign Chairman, keeping Lewandowski as the campaign manager.

Mr. Bennett also said he is not sure that Donald Trump’s campaign will pivot with Mr. Lewandowski out and Mr. Manafort in charge.

“The campaign has always been about the Mexican immigration problem and schools that don’t work and government that is wasteful and people who can’t find jobs and no one is getting a raise,” Mr. Bennett said. “That is the kind of things this campaign has been about over a year. We need to talk about that more for sure.”

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