Palm Beach Polo Tainted by Glenn Straub #MeToo Troubles

Palm Beach Polo Tainted by Glenn Straub #MeToo Troubles

Palm Beach Polo Tainted by Glenn Straub #MeToo Troubles

A South Florida fixture for more than Three decades, Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club is a landmark of luxury living and world-class sporting in the heart of America’s equestrian capital, Wellington, Florida. But no matter how manicured the lawns or refined the residents, the Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club is becoming a tainted brand as the owner Glenn Straub faces investigation on a number of fronts.

Texts between Glenn Straub and Jessica Nicodemo seem to reveal mental abuse, racism and an attempt to use his wealth and his lawyers like Craig Galle to harass a woman in to an unwanted sexual relationship in a manner that makes Harvey Weinstein look like a true gentleman. While the #MeToo movement brought forward the abuse of power, wealth and celebrity across the USA it has been slow arriving in Palm Beach.

The texts below are part of a Filing # 75967845 E-Filed 08/03/2018 03:25:12 PM

Racist Text from Glenn Straub to Jessica Nicodemo

Can’t understand why you would want to test me. When only a call would have saved you a boatload of trouble. I have no guilt now you deserve everything you get. Wrong move but you’re a Italian and deserve what you get. One chance. Call.

Text from Glenn Straub that appears to indicate a conspiracy with Graig Galle and Sal V Spano

Just keep fighting and try to start over in the hole.
Jess stayed sorry I give hart (sic) burn but I stayed down to put all this together and you would be surprised with what Craig, Larry and Sal have come up with.

If this text is as it reads not only is Glenn Straub basically demanding sex with menaces but he is doing so with the full assistance of the Polo version of a celebrity Lawyer, but surely this is not how Craig Galle funds his regular Italian getaways, by supporting a sexual predator who openly insults Italians? That be a whole other Polo scandal.

This one is particularly disturbing

…I don’t want a dime from you… You know the only way this gets
resolved is one of us dies or we (not anyone else) work this out.

Read the Entire Filing

Elizabeth Parker, Esq. is representing Jessica Nicodemo she can be reached at

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