Palm Beach News: Robert V Matthews Featured in Florida Design Magazine

Palm Beach News: Robert V Matthews Featured in Florida Design Magazine

Palm Beach News: Robert V Matthews Featured in Florida Design Magazine

Legendary Entrepreneur Robert V Matthews had his home in Palm Beach featured in Florida Design Magazine.

Bob Matthews has inspired some of the finest buildings in Palm Beach in recent years, his magnificent oceanfront home and the soon to be Iconic Palm House Hotel.

The home was built by Annunziata Building and General Contracting under the supervision of Bob Matthews. It boasts 15,849 square feet of spectacular living space; 12,077 of that being air conditioned. It has 6 themed bedrooms, 9 stunning bathrooms, a luxurious swimming pool and much, much more.


As is the case with many who faced the building and economic collapse of the post Bush Jr. presidency years, Bob lost a considerable fortune trying to keep his many building projects full of paying tenants. With the hardest of those years behind us now, Bob Matthews continues to use his sharp wit, real estate knowledge and impeccable timing to bring a smile to investors’ faces as he continues to take on new projects that always come with new challenges. But Bob Matthews wouldn’t have it any other way as he relates, β€œI live for this kind of stuff.”

Seeing new beginnings, new opportunities and new profits, developer Robert Matthews of Palm Beach, Florida is heading into familiar territory. Matthews, who at one point owned 2 million square feet of office and industrial buildings from Connecticut to Florida, has always seen the opportunities presented in a challenging situation.

Although blindsided in 2014 when funding for his Palm House project was pulled maliciously ( now subject of many court actions ) Bob Matthews has continued on and is set to reclaim his momentum and resume his role as a leading developer in the region.

The Bob Matthews come back story has been filled with controversy but it looks certain that he is as relevant as ever in the design world. His home and Palm House share a refreshing contemporary finery that sets them apart as truly special places.

Palm House Palm Beach is the cornerstone of a hotel chain that will bring 5 and 6 star facilities to travel and living hot spots of the world.

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