Oysters, the Friendly Nutritious Aphrodisiac from the Ocean

Oysters, the Friendly Nutritious Aphrodisiac from the Ocean

Oysters, the Friendly Nutritious Aphrodisiac from the Ocean

Throughout history raw Oysters have been known to be an aphrodisiac, now they have got the imprimatur from scientists after a team of American and Italian researchers found that Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that stimulated sex hormones, validating the belief that eating them can stimulate the libido.

And added to that eating raw Oysters strengthens the human immune system and promotes strong bones.


In our wonderful aquatic eco-system there are a few hundred varieties of Oysters within 5 species that we eat in the US, as follows:

  1. Kumamoto Oysters
  2. European Flat Oysters
  3. Pacific Oysters
  4. Olympia Oysters
  5. Atlantic Oysters.

How they look, as follows: European Flat’s straight, large shell with fine ridges, the Pacific Oysters have wavy casings, the Atlantic species resembles a “tear drop” and comes in large sizes, the Olympias and Kumamotos are small with round, pale shells.

The Oyster is a natural filter, cleaning an average of up to 50 gals of water daily. So the next time you notice a beautiful, pristine Ocean, think of the millions of Oysters that contribute to that beauty.

Healthy, briny, mineral-rich raw Oysters pair well with fine White Burgundies and crisp Brut Champagnes.


As an aside I met my wife of 32 yrs over 12 Beluns and a bottle of 1967 Chassagne Montrachet.

Have a terrific weekend.


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