Owning a Share in a Racehorse

Owning a Share in a Racehorse

 Owning a Share in a Racehorse

Join a syndicate or racing club and become the proud owner of a stake in your own racehorse – but do it for the love of it, not the profits, says Shayne Heffernan

Horse racing might be the sport of kings, but participation is not confined to blue bloods or multi-millionaires. There are plenty of options available for any racing fans who harbor ambitions of watching their own horse galloping down the home straight, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment and expense of owning and running their own stables.  Knightsbridge Bloodstock have a diverse range of people from all walks of life, many people come from Asia, the Middle East and we are even seeing an increase of women joining our syndication.

You are going to enjoy this sport.

Owning a stake in your own horse gives you the chance of combining the fun of being a racehorse owner with the remote, yet tantalizing, possibility of banking a win. But before we go into the details, just remember that like any other “trophy” asset, such as classic cars or fine wines, buying a share of a horse should be viewed as a hobby rather than an investment.

Imagine the networking opportunities, imagine the fun, imagine the events, food and wine.

If you join a syndicate, you need to understand what you’re getting into. First, is the horse bought or leased? With a leased horse, the original owner retains ownership of the horse, but the syndicate pays a fee to run the horse in its name, and keeps any prize money earned. If the horse has been bought, on the other hand, it belongs to the syndicate. This means that as well as earning race prize money, members can profit if the horse is sold to a new owner or sent to stud for breeding.

Also, says Shayne Heffernan, make sure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for and what’s included in the price. “Is the purchase price a one-off payment or are further instalments required? Are you buying a capital share of the horse or does the club or syndicate manager retain ownership? Does the initial cost include training and racing fees?”

Knightsbridge Bloodstock can make your dream of owning a racehorse a reality. The fantastic opportunity of owning your very racehorse for a very fair price.

We do not syndicate horses in Australia, if you are interested in becoming an owner of a Larneuk Bred horse we recommend that you contact:

Bryan Guy

Based on the Gold Coast

Greg Eurell

Based in Melbourne

Terry Evans 

Based North of Sydney

If you have a passion for horse racing, you’re not alone. The thrill of watching your own horse thundering down the straight is difficult not to get excited about. The roar of the crowd; the fashion; the champagne; the buzz you get from a day at the races watching your own horse is second to none.

It’s called the sport of Kings for a reason, it is how it makes the owners feel. Thoroughbred syndication will allow you to buy a share in a racehorse and live the dream of being a racehorse owner for a very small investment upfront and it is worth your while forming your own syndicate or discussing possibilities with Bryan Guy or Greg Eurell.

Leasing and Buying

We always have quality horses available for lease or purchase.


If you are interested in breeding you are in the right place.

We can assist in every aspect of breeding the best racehorse and making sure they get the best care.

Knightsbridge and Nunez a winning team at Gulfstream Park

Become an owner and enjoy the fun of racing in the USA, our man on the ground is 3rd generation horseman Milton Nunez, the youngest of the Nunez clan and brother to International Bloodstock Agent and long time Knightsbridge associate Ozzie Nunez.

Whether you would like to join us in one of our syndicates, buy a horse, breed or have your horse trained the Knightsbridge Nunez team, have you covered.

Contact Us for more information.

Our stables are on the track at Gulfstream Park.

Come Racing in Malaysia with Knightsbridge

Racing in Malaysia is growing year after year and the prize money is now very worthwhile.

Knightsbridge will be sending several horse to Malaysia to race locally, in Singapore and if they qualify over to Dubai and Qatar for the racing season. Knightsbridge will be basing horses with one of the best trainers in the region.

Shane Edwards has trained over 300 winners including 45 Stakes Winners in Australia and Asia.

Singapore: Horse Racing Syndicates in Singapore

If you have always wanted to own a well-bred quality racehorse and be directly involved with a top stable, then purchasing a share in one of our Singapore Syndicates is the perfect way to fulfill all your ownership dreams.

Owning a racehorse can be expensive, that is why syndicates have been developed to allow enthusiastic owners an opportunity to be involved in very promising racehorses at a more affordable level. Another advantage of joining a partnership is being able to spread your risk. Rather than buying a horse outright you can purchase a number of shares in different horsesgiving you more opportunities to go racing and have winners!

Contact Us for More Information

We look forward to seeing you at the events, we are excited about being able to present this you.  You are going to love owning your very own share of a racehorse.

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