Outlaw Fixer, former FBI Director James Comey in “The Soup”

Outlaw Fixer, former FBI Director James Comey in “The Soup”

Outlaw Fixer, former FBI Director James Comey in “The Soup”

Former FBI Director James Comey ended the Hillary Clinton e-Mail investigation last Summer on his own because of worries that the credibility of the bureau and the investigation itself would be damaged because of a false e-Mail planted by the Russians.

It was reported Friday that Mr. Comey, fired earlier this month by President Donald Trump, was afraid an alleged falsified e-Mail that claimed then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had colluded to get Hillary Clinton off the hook would become public if he did not shut down the investigation.

The existence of the alleged fake e-Mail between then-Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schlultz and Leonard Benardo, an official at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, was reported Wednesday. In it, Wasserman-Schultz said that USAG Lynch told an aide on the Clinton campaign she would not allow the Clinton investigation to go too deep.

Friday’s story shows that the FBI knew the e-Mail was a plant by the Russians prior to Mr. Comey’s infamous press conference last July during which he seemingly made the case for charges to be filed against Clinton before ending it by not recommending any charges.

Mr. Comey argued that Mrs. Clinton was “extremely careless” in how she conducted business as Secretary of State using a private e-Mail server and several addresses. His decision not to recommend charges was criticized by Republicans, who felt and still believe there is enough evidence to make a criminal case.

Mr. Comey, is said to have expressed his concerns to members of Congress in classified sessions about what could happen if the false e-Mail had been made public. The US, he said, would have to compromise sources and of intelligence and methods of intelligence collection to show the document was not real. Read, that does not mean it was not real, between the DNC and the Clinton campaign

 He did not tell lawmakers about the doubts he had regarding the intelligence itself before he ended the investigation.

Ms. Lynch came under fire after meeting with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport days before Mr. Comey’s aforementioned press conference. There is much suspicion about whether a deal was struck regarding the e-Mail probe.

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