Outdated US Asylum Laws Must Be Reformed

Outdated US Asylum Laws Must Be Reformed

The pressure at the nation’s southern border has overwhelmed current asylum laws and it is time for lawmakers on both sides to get together and change them, former Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn), said Monday.

“The asylum system is fundamental to American values,” Senator Lieberman, a one-time vice-presidential candidate, told reporters. “People come here with a credible fear of prosecution . . . people are coming for different reasons. Everybody ought to sit down together and say we’ve got a problem, solve it, instead of hurling political bolts at each other.”

Senator Lieberman said he does support allowing asylum to people who have a credible fear of persecution or loss of freedom in their homelands, but the situation at the border is beyond that point.

“We do not want to we don’t want to just shut [the border],” Senator Lieberman said “I wouldn’t want to shut it. We have got to change the rules.”

Senator Lieberman also said it was a “very good move” for President Donald Trump to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, as “they deserve it.”

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