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“Our Civil Liberties More at Risk Than Economy”

Economic depression and unemployment can be overcome, but a massive loss of American civil liberties might be tough to regain, that according to economist Ben Stein

“I fear that A. we are headed toward depression and B. loss of our civil liberties in a very big way and it’s going to hard to get them back,” Mr. Stein said Wednesday on TV.

Mr. Stein, s noted economist, added, “we have already seen we are in the beginning phase of a depression.”

He expects consecutive Quarters in Y 2020 of “10% or more of unemployment,” but he did note the financial sector is strong and the US economy can manage during the global coronavirus pandemic until government and private sector efforts slow its spread.

We are not headed for a long-term economic depression, he said.

“We are way, way better prepared than we were during the Great Depression, there is no comparison,” Mr. Stein concluded.

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