Oscars Poll: 66% of Voters Turn Off Awards Shows When Players Get Political

Oscars Poll: 66% of Voters Turn Off Awards Shows When Players Get Political

Oscars Poll: 66% of Voters Turn Off Awards Shows When Players Get Political

A Hollywood Reporter and National Research Group survey reveals how President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton view the Oscar Awards Show

And you thought Barack Obamacare was a hot-button issue.

According to a new poll, Americans are nearly as divided about the Oscars as they are about healthcare.

The survey conducted by the National Research Group in early February canvassed 800 people (50% Hillary Clinton voters, 50% Donald Trump voters) for their opinions about movies, award shows and politics reveals that nearly 70% of President Trump voters have turned off their TV sets because of an actor giving a political speech at the podium, compared to 20% of Clinton voters.

Interestingly, the Oscars poll showed that 60% of Americans cannot name 1 Best Picture nominee

Even if they don’t hit the off button, 44% of Trump voters find awards speeches players “too political” while loser Hillary Clinton supporters want more politics at the Academy Awards; 43% say they want winners to reference President Trump’s temperament in their speeches (compared to 8% of President Trump voters), 39% would like more discussion of women’s rights at the Oscars (8% for President Trump voters) and 34% would like more talk about President Trump’s 7-nation travel ban Vs 7% for President Trump voters.

Overall, about 70% of Trump voters say they “dislike” political speeches at the Oscars while 23% of Hillary Clinton voters feel the same.

About the only area of agreement is that neither side finds Oscar acceptance speeches convincing: Only about a 25% of respondents on both sides of the political fence said their opinion about an issue has ever been changed by an awards show.

Oscars Poll: About 70% of Americans do not know Jimmy Kimmel is the awards show host.

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