Organic Farming in the US is Growing

Organic Farming in the US is Growing

The number of certified Organic farms in the United States increased 11% in Y 2016 to 14,217 from the prior year, according to the latest available data from the US Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service, and has gone up 56% since Y 2011.

Sales of certified Organic products have also spiked in recent years, as American farms and ranches sold nearly $7.6-B in certified Organic goods in Y 2016, more than double the $3.5-B in sales in Y 2011, the Pew Research Center reported.

Despite the vast growth, Organic farming still makes up only less than 1% of US farmland overall.

Vermont is the state with the highest percentage of its farmland being organic, at 11%.

California, Maine and New York followed in largest shares of Organic acreage, with each of those states registering Organic acres at 4% of total farmland.

According to the Pew report, 39% of American adults say that most or some of the food they eat is Organic, while 61% say not too much or none of their food is Organic. 

And 51% of adults surveyed say Organic produce is neither better nor worse than conventionally grown foods, while 45% say Organic produce is better.

Organic foods are grown without pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. Studies have shown that people who eat Organic foods have lower levels of pesticide residue in their urine.

Exposure to pesticides has been associated with higher cancer risk, so…

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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