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Optimizing Our Metabolic Health is an Effective Way to Mitigate the Severity of a COVID-19 Infection


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Ketones, the 4th fuel

A Key way people can potentially mitigate the severity of the China virus is by eating right; starting doing these things and come out strong. But that message has not been delivered …

  • Our body can use 4 types of fuel: carbohydrates, fats, proteins and ketones. Of these, ketones burn the cleanest. They create far fewer harmful free radicals when burned and do not rely on insulin
  • When we are generating ketones and our blood ketone levels go up, the ketone enters the cell through a monocarboxylic acid transport protein. Even without a rise in insulin, the cells are efficiently fueled
  • With today’s standard American diet, most people never reach a state of fat burning and ketosis. They are constantly feeding their bodies carbohydrates, and in this high-insulin state, they simply cannot burn fat. Over time, it wears out the body’s metabolic machinery, resulting in insulin resistance and weight gain
  • Nutritional ketosis is a powerful way to improve our body’s natural antioxidant capacity
  • Optimizing our metabolic health appears to be an effective way to mitigate the severity of a C-19 infection. The reason for this is because when we are metabolically flexible, we are not insulin resistant, and insulin resistance is a significant risk factor.

This virus disproportionately kills older people. What it costs per 80-yr-old is over $1-M, using full cost accounting, and if you could take that $1-M, you could save hundreds of lives of younger people. So, our response is absurd, and just does not look into the problem in the right way.

The take-home point for me is, look at healthcare and how we parse up and spend enormous amounts of money on each disease and make almost no progress, year after year.

We have this basically free, intrinsically installed healthcare therapy i.e., ketones installed in every one of us. It is empowering, and that is what I want the take-home message to you to be: “how potent this is, and how readily available. You can access it at any time you are ready to make the change.”

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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