Optimal Health Means Drinking Pure, Clean Water

Optimal Health Means Drinking Pure, Clean Water

Optimal Health Means Drinking Pure, Clean Water

There is no doubt we all need pure clean water for optimal health.

Water and proper hydration are particularly important for athletes and all who exercises.

During  exercise times or other strenuous activities, the human body needs plenty of pure, clean water. When you sweats out important electrolytes and minerals through intense activity, you need to replenish them.

One of the best ways to do this is in the form of a re-hydration drink.

But, many people’s inclination may be to reach for a nationally advertised, neon-colored sports drinks that appear on store shelves and in vending machines worldwide.

These products are hard to miss because they are promoted nearly non-stop on television and in web-based and print advertisements.

As a result, the global market for bottled sports drinks has exploded and is approaching $5-B in sales annually. But, regardless of the hype, these drinks are highly toxic and experts recommend avoiding them totally.

In my opinion, pure clean water should always be the #1 go-to beverage. If workouts or sports activities cause intense sweating and you need to replace electrolytes, Coconut water is good.

Personally, I drink Hydrogenated water every day, the benefits are amazing, click here to learn about them.

Changing out any sweetened, bottled beverages that you regularly indulge for water can go a long way toward improving your health, and helping you maintain an ideal weight.

The amount of water you need daily is something each of us must fine tune based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Remember to listen to your body.

Thirst is an obvious signal it is time to replenish body fluids. Fatigue and moodiness can also indicate you need to drink more water.

Perhaps the best way to gauge your water needs is to observe the color of your urine and how frequently you urinate.

The color of your urine should be a light, pale yellow.

Note: If you take vitamin B supplements, your urine will be bright yellow, which is normal.

On average, a healthy number of bathroom visits is around about 8 per day.

Last Summer I learned that a innovative company in Sarasota, Florida is producing and packaging  hydrogen enriched water in a special pouch designed to retains the hydrogen until opened.

Check them out at: HTWO Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen enriched water offers a variety of health benefits and has been shown to materially contribute to the performance of athletes.

Drinking 500 ml of hydrogen water daily approximates the dose used in the hydrogen therapy’s research, and actually floods the system with free radical-quenching electrons. And because H2 is a safe, natural molecule that is common to the body, you cannot get too much of it.

Molecular hydrogen water has a promising future as a safe, simple, inexpensive therapy for health maintenance, disease prevention, and treatment of our most common health challenges.

I have added 500 ml of H2-saturated water to my daily regimen and suggest any health, longevity conscious reader consider doing the same.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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