Op-Ed: AEMC CEO Michael on the State of the Movie Business Today and Going Forward

Op-Ed: AEMC CEO Michael on the State of the Movie Business Today and Going Forward


The movie business as we have know it for the past 2 decades is dying, but that has not stopped Archer’s plan to make films, as the paradigm is shifting,” — Michael Selsman, President of Archer Entertainment Media Communications (OTC:AEMC).

Franchise fatigue is killing the movies, as movies for 12 year-old boys and family films are responsible for adults to no longer go to the Cineplex. High prices for admission, despite pitched seats, and refreshments, parking and babysitting can cost a Family of 4 to spend $100 in an afternoon.”  

Quality TV is also a lure for us, with movie stars attracted to stories film companies no longer make, and Top directors, too. TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Stranger Things” get high ratings.  

We have decided once again on producing entertainment, only this time we are taking into account digital short films for smartphones, even as we make films for theaters, national and foreign, and television.”

Where possible, we will be producing series. We have spent considerable funds to reactivate purchases of new materials; screenplays, books, articles, and treatments, to address some of our more tangled social activities, and are collaborating with Key producers and distribution experts, 4 Walling is not out of the question anymore.

Archer’s plan for film & TV financing, production and distribution have lines of private investments that are being financed by high net-worth alternative investors and private equity funds. 

What we have learned is that the world has changed, and our now focus are ills that are caused legitimately, or illegitimately, by us.

Historically Indie producers have lead the way when it is time for the changes audiences demand, we are part of that ‘wave’.

What we intend to do now is address these societal ills by telling their stories – entertainingly, in satire, even comedy, because you cannot influence pubic behavior by preaching and proselytizing. Our politicians do that, mostly unsuccessfully.

“I can point to a group of sequels that flopped,” Selsman observed. Sequels to “Secret Life of Pets”and “Godzilla” “Men in Black,” “Dark Phoenix” and “Shaft” were badly reviewed and recieved, some DOA!

After this past Summer, things are looking bleak. Ticket sales are 7% behind last year’s, according to Comscore, putting 2019 10% below the same week in 2018. Being part of a well-known franchise was not enough to save these turkeys. 

Disney, Warner Media, Comcast, Lionsgate and others are launching streaming services for a digital future. We are, too. The time to re-invigorate Archer Entertainment is here.

HeffX-LTN’s overall technical analysis of AEMC is Neutral to Bullish with Key indicators Flash Bullish to Very Bullish in here.

Stay tuned…

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