Once Senior NKorean Official Banished to Labor Camp for Anti-US Sentiment

Once Senior NKorean Official Banished to Labor Camp for Anti-US Sentiment

A once senior NKorean official was reportedly banished to a labor camp after Chairman Kim Jong Un accused him of “breaching doctrine” in a proposal for US-NKorean talks.

Han Song Ryol, once the North Korean vice foreign minister, was sent to a “re-education camp” after he was removed from his position last year, a SKorean Unification Ministry official told Chosun Ilbo.

Han was regarded as a veteran negotiator during US-NKorean talks we learned Thursday.

“We received information from an agency in 2-H of last year that there were significant changes in Han Song Ryol’s status and reflected the developments,” an unnamed government source said.

Han’s name has also been removed from the list of NKorean officials in Y 2019.

Another source told Chosun Ilbo that Han and 5 other officials were sent to Komdok mine in NKorea’s South Hamgyong province where they will be reportedly forced into long hours of labor in mines, plantations, and poultry farms.

“It seems a proposal for US-NKorea talks he submitted to NKorean leader Kim Jong-un was criticized for breaching doctrine.”

Han joined NKorea’s Foreign Ministry in Y 1980 and once said he respected President Trump the most, according to a published report.

The White House announced earlier this month President Trump and Chairman Kim will be holding a 2nd Summit this month.

The Summit address denuclearization talks that began at the June 2018 Summit in Singapore.

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