On Training Like a Pro for Good Health

On Training Like a Pro for Good Health

Not everyone can rise to level of a pro, but that does not mean that you cannot train like a pro, to achieve your personal best.

You too can get the best from your body and exercise routines with these training tips that are recommended and practiced by the pros themselves.

They are as follows:

Fuel Your Machine: Pros have it made with support staff providing nutrient-rich nourishment available to them before and after workouts. They know to fuel their bodies 30-45 mins right after exercise for optimal recovery.

You too can plan for your nutrient super foods to prepare your before and after your workouts, to maximize your results. And do make sure you drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated and your moving parts well lubricated!

The Goal not the Goalie: You do not have to enroll in a sport or gym and be a star, but like the pros, set a goal or a purpose to your exercise program–and don’t forget, enjoyment is a valid 1, too. Plan for what you want to achieve with each session or routine. Maybe it’s skill building strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, or just pleasure, but set a goal.

Release the Triggers: Tension is part of our busy lives, and it gathers in your body and muscles. The pros use myofascial release, which is a fancy name for deep muscle relaxing work. You can do it easily with a foam roller, massage stick, or even a ball.

By rolling it along your body in a smooth fashion, check for any tightness, muscle knots, or pain, and roll it out until it releases and relaxes. This adds suppleness to your body so that tension does not prevent movement. Do this before and after workouts for best recovery.

Mini Bands Add Might: Pros recommend mini bands for muscles and joints. They work because the bands’ resistance makes muscles contract and that helps your joint stability. Recommended movements are the vertical pull. You stand on a band, pull up overhead, then down to a T-form, up again with a shrug, and repeat. For strong glutes, put the band around your legs above your knees, bring your knees in and out using your glutes and core. Keep chest up, feet firm. This helps protect you from injury too.

Variety Is the Spice of Life, and Workouts: The pros are not always in their sports season, and they participate in different activities and routines during their off times to keep fit. One of their off-season tips is to vary the intensities and the routines which helps maximize potential, lessen injury risk, and keeps your interests and excitement strong.

Rest and Recovery: The pros just know how to listen and tune in to their bodies. Like them, don’t ignore something that seems wrong, go see your healthcare professional. Your body also tells you that rest intervals are a major necessity to give yourself a full recovery after workouts. Recovery periods are essential for the best quality outputs–the maximum outputs or the most power or force you can produce.

Sleep for Muscle Growth: You are not lazy when you get your proper sleep, the pros confirm. Muscles are in that anabolic place during sleep which means that’s the state for optimal muscle growth. Recommendations for quality sleep is 7-9 hours a night, especially if you have a full day regular work “ins” along with your work “outs.”

Equip Yourself: You do not have to invest in expensive trainers or facilities, but pros use great equipment. Ensure that what you use suits you and fits you well–shoes, bikes, clothing, balls because the right fit enhances your movements and prevents injury. Always replace worn out equipment.

Competitive Sports: Participating in a sport offers some of the best routines for posture, balance, agility, and improving reflexes. You can participate in a sport that fits your schedule, day or night.  But even if you do not play competitively, you can take a page from their playbooks.

Again, you do not have to be a pro to train like one. We all have an inner athlete–it is all about training right, getting to your personal best.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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