On Living Life Stress Free

On Living Life Stress Free

On Living Life Stress Free

We are living in an era where political turmoil, death, anger, and sadness are the realities in this world. In times such as these stress levels can continue to rise, and the stress path is way of silent killers including heart disease and cancer.

In order to avoid these realities people must learn the path to living a life free of stress and angst. To do that, a person must live with the intent to seek the peace and joy they hope to have.

Below are some Key daily steps that will assist in finding peace and joy, and avoiding stress, as follows:

  1. Take a Break Much like children who receive a “time out” when they are being over anxious, adults equally need a momentary break along the way. When the phone continues to ring, the children continue to bring their problems, coworkers or the boss continue to present demands, and spouses continue to show signs of neediness, One must step back and give oneself the space and time that we need to recharge.
  1. Breathe. People do not realize this but each time they feel stress their breath becomes shorter with each inhale and exhale. The heart races, perspiration comes, and the body moved into fight or flight mode, i.e. Survival! This is natural and necessary in order to handle emergency situations. But, if this is one’s reaction to everyday stress, then the need for a deep inhale and a long exhale is real. Deep meditative breathing assists in the blood flow, slowing down the heart’s rate, and does help one calm down..
  1. Stop Rushing. When we rush around we place ourselves in harm’s way. Leave on time; whether you are going to work, a social event, or a meeting when you leave on time you help you to reduce the level of stress that can happen when you feel the pressure of being late. Road rage is 1 of the results of this reality and can result in accidents and death.
  1. Do not get aggressive with aggressors. Many people feel and do not know how to manage the stress of existing in a fast paced world, and are not willing to deal with their stress, and as a result, they tend to take their feelings out on those around them. When you are face to face with someone who attempts to take their aggression out on you without cause, remember that it is not your fault that that person is so angry. You cannot control other’s anger or displeasure in life, but you can control yours. You are only responsible for yourself, not the happiness of others.

Living a stress free life and loving life is not difficult. You can love life, you can live a loving life the instant you take the time to do what is necessary to find inner peace.

It starts with you, and eventually it becomes you, start now!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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