Oktoberfest Opens in Munich

Oktoberfest Opens in Munich

The 1st keg was tapped, and the beer started flowing as the 186th Oktoberfest got underway Saturday in Munich.

Mayor Dieter Reiter inserted the tap in the 1st keg with the cry of “O‘zapt is” — “it’s tapped.” As tradition demands, he handed the 1st mug to Bavarian governor Markus Soeder.

Revelers, women in colorful dirndl dresses and men in traditional Bavarian lederhosen started lining up in front of the gates before dawn to get inside.

Shortly after 9:00a local time the festival’s organizers announced via loudspeakers that the party could begin.

“Dear guests, welcome to Oktoberfest,” they said. “We’re now opening the festival grounds.”

The announcement came in German, English and Bavarian.

As the gates opened, many guests made their way to the beer tents to make sure they would get 1 of the coveted spots on the long, wooden benches inside.

Around 6-M beer lovers from around the world are expected at the festival in Munich before the Oktoberfest ends on 6 October.

As in previous years, beer prices were up again, with a liter mug costing up to 11.80 euros ($13), a 30c increase over last year.

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