Officials Expecting Voter Fraud All Across the Nation

Officials Expecting Voter Fraud All Across the Nation

Officials Expecting Voter Fraud All Across the Nation

The US Presidential campaigns should expect voter fraud “everywhere” at the polls Tuesday, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Tuesday.

During a TV interview, the Texas Republican said the system is corrupt but that he hopes people will be brought to justice after the election is over.

“There’s going to be voter fraud everywhere,” said Mr. DeLay, the author of “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!”

“Even Chris Matthews on ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday admitted to the fact that he went to a meeting of all these organizers and these union goons in Philadelphia and watched them pass out election money. It’s everywhere and it always has been.”

Mr. DeLay said the normal course of action after an election is for people to shrug off voter fraud as par for the course. That attitude, he said, needs to change.

“I hope this time we’ll prosecute,” Mr. DeLay said.

Tom DeLay, who served in the House from Y’s 1985-2006, also spoke about Republican Donald Trump and his campaign’s lawsuit stemming from early voting in Nevada last Friday when polls were open after hours.

A Nevada judge rejected the lawsuit.

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