Obama’s Regulations have ‘Hobbled’ American Business

Obama’s Regulations have ‘Hobbled’ American Business

Obama’s Regulations have ‘Hobbled’ American Business

US President Barack Hussein Obama has issued $700-B in regulations during his presidency, hobbling American businesses.

According to an American Action Forum study, Mr. Obama’s 600 major regulations have amounted to $743-M and 194-M paperwork hours.

The GDP of Norway and Israel is less than that figure, the study reveals.

Regulations under Mr. Obama have averaged 81 per year, and the total figure through the 7.5 years of his Presidency is a 20% increase from President George W. Bush’s 2 full terms.

About 100 major regulations were passed in Y 2010, the highest total of any year during the Obama Presidency. The study predicts the Y 2016 figure will be somewhere around the 81-per-year average, and could include things like Greenhouse gas standards.

If the Obama administration reaches $813-B in regulations by the end of his Presidency, that would equal more than the GDP of the Philippines, the study reports.

At the end of last year, it was reported that some of Mr. Obama’s regulations slated to go into effect during Y 2016 involved tobacco, overtime pay, and financial advice.

In May, the Obama Admin issued a directive that could pressure health insurance companies to cover sex-change operations.

Expect the unwinding of many of the Obama Regs during the 1st 100 days of Donald Trump’s Presidency, as he moves to make America Great Again.

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