Obama’s Last Act Was an Attack on Australian Christian Icon

Obama’s Last Act Was an Attack on Australian Christian Icon

Obama’s Last Act Was an Attack on Australian Christian Icon

The Obama administration refused a Visa to Australian Christian Advocate Fred Nile blocking his attendance at the Trump Inauguration, the 82 year old was deemed a threat to national security.

Fred Nile booked travel to the US after being invited to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20. the Sydney Morning Herald “No explanations or reasons were given,” said Mr Nile, the founder of the Christian Democratic Party.

Fred Nile was invited to Mr Trump’s inauguration after striking up an email relationship with the new leader of the free world.

“Weeks and weeks ago I had an email from Mr Trump,” he said.

“I got quite carried away. I sent back a detailed email giving him my friendly advice.

“[I said] he ought to be very careful selecting his cabinet … as he had no experience in politics or defence.

“That [advice] was gratefully received.”

Obama’s beef with Fred stems from 2015, Fred Nile called for the public to donate to the Assyrian Christian Militia, a group devoted to fighting ISIS in northern Iraq after meeting members of the group in Sydney.

Frederick John “Fred” Nile ED MLC (born 15 September 1934) is an Australian politician and ordained Christian minister. Nile has been a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since 1981, except for a period in 2004 when he resigned to unsuccessfully contest the Australian Senate at the 2004 federal election. Nile was re-elected at the March 2007 state election and is currently Assistant President of the Legislative Council. He is the longest-serving member of the New South Wales parliament.

“The only suspicion I have is that someone in the Obama machine said, ‘We’re not going to help this guy.’ That’s my gut feeling, but then again who would bother about me?”

Mr Nile said he was baffled by the ruling.

Here is Fred Nile’s Policy’s, Policy’s Obama deemed a threat to national security

To uphold a free and democratic society with freedom of speech, the rule of law and stable constitutional government.
To support and strengthen the Family unit as the basis of our society and responsible parenting with pro-family, pro-child policies. No to euthanasia.
To stand for high moral principles in all walks of life and in legislation based on biblical ethics and integrity.
To foster the principles of government accountability and responsibility, and active citizen participation in a social compact.
Australian laws must be based on the Judeo-Christian ethic and not on any other religious laws.
To respect our Australian Flag and the values in our heritage, culture and ideals of equality, democracy, merit and justice.
To advance the cause of social justice for all: the under-privileged, the unemployed, the handicapped, the elderly, the displaced.
To pursue the ideal of a sound mind in a sound body by promoting a healthy life-style free from any abuse, drugs or harm.
To expect a high standard of Education, Social and Medical Care for all Australians, urban or rural.
To favour a totally integrated environment for sustainability – i.e. social, economic and physical.
To encourage Australian ownership of enterprise, industry and capital, and promote decentralisation to create more sustainable jobs.
To promote the pursuit of excellence in all fields of human endeavour.
To promote World peace and understanding where all can live in peace and harmony and make Australia a shining example.
CDP candidates are in total agreement with CDP aims and principles; but in every instance, they are free to vote on legislation according to their conscience under God’s guidance.

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