Obama’s Failure Resulted in 4 April Sarin Gas Attack in Syria

Obama’s Failure Resulted in 4 April Sarin Gas Attack in Syria

Obama’s Failure Resulted in 4 April Sarin Gas Attack in Syria

A declassified French intelligence report showing the 4 April Sarin Gas attack in Syria was carried out by the Assad regime also underscores the failure of former US President Barack Hussein Obama admin’s chemical weapons deal.

The Syrian government was supposed to give up its chemical weapons arsenal in Y 2014 under the deal promoted by the Hussein Obama admin, but the French report came to a different conclusion.

Using evidence from the deadly 4 April poison gas attack, the French evaluation found that not only was Assad’s regime behind the massacre, but that measures to ensure Assad gave up his stockpile were inadequate.

“France assesses that major doubts remain as to the accuracy, exhaustiveness and sincerity of the decommissioning of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal,” the 6-pg report states.

“In particular, France assesses that Syria has maintained a capacity to produce or stock sarin, despite its commitment to destroy all stocks and capacities. Lastly, France assesses that Syria has not declared tactical munitions (grenades and rockets) such as those repeatedly used since 2013.”

 The Assad regime was required to disclose and relinquish its chemical weapons stockpile as part of a Y 2013 agreement, partially facilitated by Assad’s ally Russia.

The Hussein Obama administration promoted the agreement and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the international body that monitors such accords, called the agreement a success.

 “France informed the OPCW that Syria’s explanations on the quantities of [sarin] declared, approximately 20 tons, as having been used in tests or lost in accidents were exaggerated,” said the report.

Additionally, French intelligence noted attempts on the part of Syria to acquire “dozens of tons” of isopropanol, a Key component in Sarin Gas since Y 2014.

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