Obama Torpedoed Hillary’s Bid for the US Presidency

Obama Torpedoed  Hillary’s Bid for the US Presidency

Obama Torpedoed Hillary’s Bid for the US Presidency

The developments in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton augurs big  trouble for her candidacy. The threats are numerous, on several different fronts, and each has the potential to sink her ship.

Huma Abedin likely lied under oath when she told the FBI she had turned over all e-Mails and devices in her possession. The WS-J reported 650,000 new e-Mails have been found on the computers seized at the Weiner-Abedin apartment.

She had been given immunity by the Justice Department, but her lies under oath likely invalidate the deal. If Ms. Huma is vulnerable to a perjury or obstruction of justice charge, it could lead her to turn on Hillary. Now, Hillary has to fire her.

Included in the 650,000 e-Mails may be some or all of those Hillary Clinton deleted before she turned over the remainder to the State Department. If any of those deleted e-Mails contained Classified or Top Secret material, she is in the deepest trouble and will likely face criminal charges.

The WS-J reports the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation and has been doing so since February. The Justice Department opposed the investigation and has tried to rein it in but the FBI, and local U.S. Attorneys in 4 cities are determined to proceed.

The Big Q: Was that what former US President Bill Clinton spoke to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about on her plane in Phoenix on the tarmac?

The Clinton Foundation is so riddled with Pay-for-Play scandals that investigating it could be very dangerous for the Hill and Billy Clinton.

Anotherr Big Q: what will happen between now and Election Day?

The Big A: None of this new evidence can be processed in this 1 remaining week, so do not expect clear results. But the fact of the investigations and the public announcement FBI Director James Comey has already made have torpetoed Hillary’s candidacy.

It puts her e-Mail and Foundation scandals squarely on top of the public agenda in the final days before the election.

Donald Trump had been gaining every day the week before Director Comey spoke.

Barack Obamacare premium increases, the onset of Donald Trump’s effective negative advertising, and the ongoing WikiLeaks revelations have all played a part in the momentum gains for Donald Trump.

Most shocking, was the Memo from Billy’s  top aid Doug Band.

Confronted with charges from Chelsea Clinton he was ripping off her father, he prepared a 13-pg list of all the income he had channeled to the former President.

It came to over $60-M and provides a playbook and scorecard for the Pay-for-Play scandals at the Clinton Foundation.

In a moment we saw a Key reversal, with advantage shifted decisively to Donald Trump.

The big GOP donors  are now flowing millions in to the GOP campaigns. 

Trumpeting for Trump

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