The Obama Legacy: Benghazi to Manchester

The Obama Legacy: Benghazi to Manchester

The Obama Legacy: Benghazi to Manchester

From Benghazi to Manchester Obama and Clinton have blood on theirs hands.

They directly funded what is now ISIS and their misguided leftist policies have caused deaths from Benghazi to Manchester.

Manchester Bomber Supported by US and UK

The Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s father, Ramadan, and brother, Hashem, were arrested in Libya on Wednesday.

Abedi himself is thought to have returned from Lybia recently and may also have visited Syria.

Both he and his father appear to have been linked to a group of fighters from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) who settled in Manchester after trying to fight the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.
A group the USA and UK supported, armed and trained.

Abedi’s father and another sibling, 18-year-old brother Hashim, were arrested in Tripoli on Wednesday. While the father reportedly claimed his suspected suicide bomber son to be “innocent,” his brother told the investigators that Salman wanted to “seek victory for the Islamic State.” The suspect made the bomb himself, learning how to make explosives while researching extremist materials on the internet, according to suspect’s brother.

The suspect’s brother testimony corresponds with media reports of a “huge load of unused chemicals” allegedly found the bombing suspect’s Manchester home, while London police said they were searching for a “network” of possible accomplices.

Obama’s liberal policy failed

Obama and Clinton followed the Bush model to spread democracy. They targeted Syria and Libya, regime change and the spread of democracy would change the world. They jumped behind regional uprising and had their puppets CNN call the uprisings an Arab Spring.

Six years after Obama and Clinton supported a wave of violent and non-violent protests dubbed the Arab Spring engulfed the Middle East and North Africa, Libya, which once found itself in the middle of this revolutionary tide, still struggles with chaos and violence.

Gaddafi’s home city, Sirte, is still controlled by Islamic State which seized the area in 2015. IS has been expanding into Libya over the past two years. According to the UN data, between 2000 to 3000 IS fighters are operating in Libya, including 1500 in Sirte, in 2015.

The West which once supported ‘freedom fighters’ (ISIS) battling the ‘dictator Gaddafi,’ are also slowly realizing that the 2011 intervention in Libya was a mistake.

Many countries in the Middle East seen the Arab Spring phenomenon, the Media applauded the uprisings. In reality those uprisings were the berth of ISIS, a shift to fundamentalism, what CNN called an Arab Spring was actually a push backwards, a regressive anti-American movement that now has become a threat to the region and the world.

In Egypt the uprising removed a secular President, and replaced him with the Obama Clinton supported Islamic Brotherhood a fundamentalist group. In Libya Obama and Clinton funded rebels, rebels that turned on America and attacked the Embassy in Benghazi torturing and killing the US Ambassador. In Syria Obama and Clinton funded terrorists groups in an attempt to over through another secular President.

Their misdeeds created the ISIS movement and brought about a conflict so massive it has created a refugee crisis, it has killed millions, 10s of millions have suffered and for what? They have suffered so America could spread a democratic ideology.

No country has the right to impose there system of government on any other sovereign nation, it is immoral, it is terrorism, it is wrong at every level.

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