Obama Leading Subversives’ Out to Get President Trump

Obama Leading Subversives’ Out to Get President Trump

Obama Leading Subversives’ Out to Get President Trump

The Left has plans laid ‘for every hour of every day’ to thwart our President, it is an Outrage, “…they have  got a plan, and that’s what they do. They have war rooms, and they hire horrible people to do horrible things.”

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom in an interview Wednesday said President Donald Trump’s administration is “fighting a very professional team of subversives” who “are not going to quit” and are out to bring down the President.

Mr. Kallstrom said the administration is combating a highly coordinated “resistance” that is “probably operating out of the command center in former President Barack Hussein Obama’s home in the Valerie Jarrett wing.” These are evil people.

“I can just picture a big grease board where they’ve got every day of the week coming up on there and they’re going to orchestrate some kind of an outrageous scandal, either using The [Washington] Post … or The New York Times or the crooked broadcast media,” Mr. Kallstrom said. “But they’ve got a plan, and that’s what they do. They have war rooms, and they hire horrible people to do horrible things.”

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its liberal allies largely funded by billionaire George Soros and other leftist billionaires are launching a so-called “Summer of Resistance” against the president and his legislative agenda.

Mr. Kallstrom said it is all part of the same plan.

“The Trump administration is fighting a very professional team of subversives here that, you know, they sent out these principles and they are not going to quit,” he said. “As I said earlier, they have a plan. They have a plan for every hour of every day going all the way probably through the summer. And, you know, it just needs to be called what it is.”

The former FBI assistant director also referred to the barrage of leaks that has been plaguing the White House ever since President Trump took office. Calling it “an absolute, total outrage,” the leaks have “to be one of the largest scandals ever in the United States.”

“What is the FBI doing about these leaks?” Mr. Kallstrom asked. “What is the FBI doing about the horrendous violations of the 4th Amendment, you know, and the rules of governing, the intelligence laws that allow our country to protect the country … What is happening there?”

Mr. Kallstrom advised the intelligence community to “narrow the amount of people that have knowledge of certain things” so that sensitive information doesn’t continue to leak to the press.

We now have a media who are convicting Donald Trump on articles of impeachment for a comment that he allegedly made, written about in a memo by James Comey who did not think it was important enough to tell the Justice Department about, and clearly didn’t have any effect on any investigation, according to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. But they are  ready to drop articles of impeachment and then have the Senate impeach him.

“Anything that’s positive is always thrown in the dumpster and then disavowed,”Mr. Kallstrom added. “And then the big problem we have is, you know, there’s so much fake news. How much of this is totally fake?”

by Kathryn Blackhurst

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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