Obama Clinton Mosul Attack Fails as ISIS Hits Back

Obama Clinton Mosul Attack Fails as ISIS Hits Back

Obama Clinton Mosul Attack Fails as ISIS Hits Back

Further proof of the failure of the Obama/Clinton plan to defeat ISIS has come to light in their Mosul attack.

Obama and Clinton announced the Mosul offensive as part of the Clinton campaign to be President, Trump called the plan “stupid”.

As it turns out the plan was in fact stupid and has led to death and suffering in the region.

In a series of counter-attacks on far-flung targets across Iraq since Friday, Islamic State fighters have hit Kirkuk, the north’s main oil city, the town of Rutba that controls the road from Baghdad to Jordan and Syria, and Sinjar, a region west of Mosul inhabited by the persecuted Yazidi minority.

Yazidi provincial chief Mahma Xelil said the Sinjar attack was the most violent in the area in the last year.

He said at least 15 militants were killed in the two-hour battle and a number of their vehicles were destroyed, while the peshmerga suffered two wounded.

Islamic State said two peshmerga vehicles were destroyed and all those on board were killed.

Islamic State committed some of its worst atrocities in Sinjar when it swept through the Yazidi region two years ago, killing men, kidnapping children and enslaving women. Kurdish fighters took back the region a year ago.

The Yazidis are a religious sect whose beliefs combine elements of several ancient Middle Eastern religions and who speak one of the Kurdish languages. They are considered infidels by the hardline Sunni Islamist militants.

At least 100 fighters sneaked into Kirkuk in the early hours of Friday with machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, suicide vests and a message: “Islamic State has taken over.”

The message blared out from several mosque loudspeakers while the militants went on a rampage.

By the time they had blasted their way across the city in a brazen and complex attack, 99 civilians and members of the security forces were dead and 63 of their own were in the morgue, according to Iraqi security officials.

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