Obama and Allies Created Arab Spring and Refugee Crisis

Obama and Allies Created Arab Spring and Refugee Crisis

Obama and Allies Created Arab Spring and Refugee Crisis

Sergey Lavrov (Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is a Russian diplomat, and is currently the Foreign Minister of Russia) has pointed the finger directly at Obama and his Allies as the perpetrators of the refugee crisis.

“Exporting democracy led to the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ [and] gave birth to the export of refugees into Europe,” Lavrov said at a press conference on the results of Russian diplomacy in 2016. He also noted that from his point of view, current Western values are not traditional for Europe itself.

“If we talk about the Western, European values that we are all constantly reminded of as exemplary, they are not the values that were professed by the ancestors of modern-day Europeans, they are something new, modernized.”

“I would describe them as post-Christian values [that] are fundamentally at odds with the values of our country, which we want to keep and pass on,” Lavrov said.

He called the attempt to impose these ‘post-Christian values’ on Russia “indecent from the humane point of view,” and “a colossal mistake and unacceptable revaluation of one’s own influence on international relations.”

The top Russian diplomat pointed to the West’s attempts to impose democracy on the Middle East and summarized the gruesome outcome, especially regarding the local Christian populations.

“After the outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East, the number of Christians in Iraq has decreased four times, in Syria – dramatically more,” he said, adding that this “once again confirms the inhuman character of the ‘liberal values’ for which ‘authoritarian regimes’ are being destroyed.”

“This causes serious concern and regret. Why is this happening? There may be many reasons.”

“We see that the problem of forming common ranks to fight terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, many other threats, this problem is becoming systemic,” he stated, noting that possible joint efforts in these spheres are hampered by contradictions in the basic principles of foreign policies of partnering states.

“These are either pragmatism, [the focus on] well and correctly understood national interests, or messiahship, the desire to spread one’s values around the world, in the form in which they have been developed in this particular group of countries,” Lavrov said, referring to the US, EU, and NATO.

He noted that Russia, for its part, is open to cooperation with these partners on pressing global issues, but only in a climate of mutual respect, and without attempts at importing their values into Russia.

“We are looking for closer ties with those who are ready to work with us on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, respect of one another’s interests and balance of interests,” Lavrov told reporters.

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