NY-T’s Op-Ed Author: “Come Out of the Woodwork”

NY-T’s Op-Ed Author: “Come Out of the Woodwork”

NY-T’s Op-Ed Author: “Come Out of the Woodwork”

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow spoke Friday morning denying writing an anonymous NY-T’s Op-Ed, and asked the author to “come out of the woodwork.”

Mr. Kudlow appeared on national TV and defended his role in The Trump White House 2 days after a senior administration official’s opinion piece was published in the Times, a piece that claimed President Trump is damaging the country.

“I am honored to be in this position in the White House to help him. And others on our team on a day-to-day basis,” Mr. Kudlow said.

“Would I work against him? That’s just crazy. I saw a couple of publications say that I and some others here are responsible for that crazy editorial. That is just nuts. Nuts. Of course I have nothing to do with this. I have been working my tail off with six months, and he’s on the right track.”

Mr. Kudlow then ripped the content of the editorial, which claimed President Trump’s actions and his leadership style are doing more harm than good to the country.

“You know, instead of these egotistical, personalized vendettas against the president who himself is a patriotic American … Why don’t people try to help him instead of harm him? Or why don’t they come out of the woodwork and at least display some honesty and be quoted on the record so we could engage them in a decent discussion?

“If there’s a disagreement, then come out of the woodwork, put yourself on the record, and let’s talk.”

A number of administration officials have publicly stated that they did not write the NY-T’s Op-Ed.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), said it is up to Congress and not anonymous White House staffers to constrain the President if need be.

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