This is Nutz: More Than 50% of Our US Navy Planes Cannot Fly

This is Nutz: More Than 50% of Our US Navy Planes Cannot Fly

This is Nutz: More Than 50% of Our US Navy Planes Cannot Fly

The Obama Admin over the past 8 years has severely weakened our Military readiness and our nation’s defense.

More than 50% of our US Navy’s aircraft are grounded, including nearly 70% of F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet strike fighters, because there is not enough money to perform maintenance on them.

This represents about 2X the historic norm for aircrafts that are out of service for regular maintenance at any given time.

A similar situation exists for our US Navy ships, as there are also not enough money available to fix them, and some submarines have been out of service for unusually long periods.

Plus, our US Navy does not have enough money to move around servicemen to change assignments, and about 15% of its facilities are in failed condition.

Training and flying hours have also been cut to such an extent that our US Navy says it is struggling to maintain minimum flying requirements.

Defense News reports that the situation is so dire that the US Navy is expected to ask for money that can be spent immediately, rather than funds for long-term projects.

“Our priorities are unambiguously focused on readiness, those things required to get planes in the air, ships and subs at sea, sailors trained and ready,” a US Navy official said.

US Senator Tom Cotton (R:AK), who is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is pushing for an emergency $26-B supplemental spending bill to help alleviate the situation, especially readiness training for our US Navy pilots.

The Senator said Congress must boost the defense budget by at least 15% in FY 2018 to recoup the military’s losses after 8 years of defense cuts under former President Barack Hussein-Obama.

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees are scheduled to have hearings this week on our Military’s readiness levels ahead of next month’s discussions over the National Defense Authorization Act.

Stay tuned…

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