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Nusta Spa Acupuncture Program


As one of Washington, D.C.’s leading day spas and wellness destinations, Nusta Spa recently unveiled a new acupuncture program. This will be a complement to its full menu of nature-inspired bodywork and skincare offerings.

A licensed acupuncturist and TCM practitioner at Nusta has designed a forward-thinking acupuncture program that leverages the spa’s existing innovative menu of services to heighten the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture.

The client’s needs and goals are evaluated in an Initial Intake Session. This includes their 1st acupuncture session. After which a course of treatments will be prescribed customized to the type of health challenges the client wishes to master thru acupuncture:

  • Pain Relief – relieves pain caused by headaches, injury, arthritis, and other physical/emotional traumas.
  • Stress Management – relieves energetic and physical manifestations of stress, including muscle tension, energy blockages, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Women’s Health – addresses women’s specific health and wellness concerns such as menstrual/menopausal health, and prenatal/post-delivery care.
  • Allergies & Immune System Support – alleviates allergies, defends against/treats cold and flu illnesses, and strengthens weakened immune systems.
  • Digest & Detox – focuses on all aspects of ingestion and digestion – from controlling the appetite to aiding the digestive process and detoxifying our system of it’s toxins.

All acupuncture treatments are available as single sessions or in packages of 6 ($570).

Nusta Spa also offers Accelerated Results packages, which include six acupuncture sessions coupled with various massage, skincare, body treatments, and associated natural products which enhance the effects of acupuncture. Add-on services such as cupping and moxa are also available.

About Nusta Spa 
Located in downtown Washington, D.C., Nusta Spa offers a full menu of natural and organic spa and wellness services for men and women. From facials, massage, body treatments, acupuncture, cupping, waxing, nail care to many more options.

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