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Nursing Homes and Convalescent Hospitals Breeding Places for Deadly Bacteria


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Nursing homes and convalescent hospitals can be dangerous places. Oftentimes they are understaffed and overpopulated, which can lead to lots of health issues.

But, there is more to worry about…

Scientists have discovered something that is terrifying; 25% of all nursing home patients have dangerous bacteria (germs, bugs) in their bodies.

And these bacteria are just waiting to turn into deadly infections.

Like hospitals, nursing homes are breeding grounds for all types of bacteria.

Many of these bacteria are extremely threatening to 1’s health because they are antibiotic resistant and incredibly hard to treat.

A new study published in the American Journal of Infection Control found that 25%+ of nursing home residents have colonies of multidrug-resistant bacteria in their bodies.

These colonies can easily grow into a full-blown infection.

And since nursing home patients are more susceptible to infection because of their age and health status, these infections can result in death.

Exposure to these types of germs is nearly impossible to avoid in a nursing home setting, as it is a sanitary issue.

Infection control is Key to preventing the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, and infection control plans should always be up-to-date.

One of the very reasons for such breeding is that most nursing homes are old and have poor ventilation – air circulation which does not allow for the free flow of new fresh air. Also, because of lockdowns, house cleaning and laundry of bed coverings are not done on a daily basis but too infrequently.
Add these to the fact that nursing home residents are elderly and their immune systems are easily susceptible in an unsanitary contagious environment. This is unfortunate but these are the facts. Reforms are badly needed and instead of playing election year politics, Congress should focus on much needed legislation in this area,
notes Bruce WD Barren, an expert in environmental health care and Chairman of The EMCO/ Hanover Group

Have a healthy holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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