Now You Can Order a Yacht From Car Maker Lexus

Now You Can Order a Yacht From Car Maker Lexus

Now You Can Order a Yacht From Car Maker Lexus


  • Deliveries of the Lexus LY 650 65-ft luxury yacht begin mid-2019

We’re way past the point where we think of carmakers as restricted to making just cars.

For example:

There is Aston Martin (LON:AML) that’s building luxury apartments in Miami. Porsche Design (OTCMKT:POAHY) and Pinnifarina who have already built apartments in Miami.

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) is operating theme parks around the world and Honda (NYSE:HMC) unveiling a 6-seater private business jet.

Add to that list Lexus, a unit of Toyota (NYSE:TM) who decided that their business expansion plan would go completely off road in fact, out the sea.

Two years ago, Lexus partnered with Marquis yachts to build a one-off Lexus 42 Sport Yacht that will soon be on permanent display at the Toyota Museum in Tokyo.

But that was just a proof of concept

Now, Lexus has decided to make a full-fledged entry into the yachting world with the unveiling of this Lexus LY 650 yacht earlier this month.

The LY 650 is a 65-foot yacht with a 19-foot beam has 3 luxury stateroom below deck that can accommodate up to 6 guests for an overnight cruise. If it’s being taken out only for the day, up to 15 guests can get on board this luxury yacht.

The boat will be powered by Volvo’s IPS 1200 or IPS 1350 engines and will have a fuel capacity of 3,785 litres.

The pictures of the yacht reveal ivory couches, marble top counters, large flat-screen retractable TVs that can be stowed away into a cabinet and a stainless steel lined bar.

There’s the “Takumi” craftsmanship deployed in the design and finish of the yacht. Takumi refers to 1 of the highest levels of craftsmanship in Japan and an example of it can be found in the car maker’s LS 500h saloon.

In that car, you get pleated inserts inspired by Origami in its doors and Kiriko interior glass-work. Takumi craftsmen need to pay such astute attention to detail that they reportedly have to undergo an eye examination every 4 months to make sure that their eyesight is in perfect condition.

According to a report on New Atlas, construction, sales and servicing of the yacht will be handled by the Marquis-Larson Boat Group, the same group that partnered with Lexus on the 42 Sport Yacht.

The new LY 650 yacht will be available starting mid-2019, although the price has not yet been revealed.

Still, it is not too early to get your guys to call their guys and put your name down on the waiting list which we may imagine is filling up fast.

By Varun Godinho

Paul Ebeling , Editor

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