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Notice to Iran: “Do not confuse President Trump’s patience with weakness”

The Trump Administration’s policy toward Iran is working, and the United States is “not seeking another war in the Middle East,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus declared Wednesday.

“We have told the Iranian regime countless times, do not confuse President [Donald] Trump’s strategic patience with weakness,” Ms. Ortagus said on TV Wednesday.

Tuesday’s attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad by pro-Iran militia members. “We think our policy is working stronger than ever. The Iranian economy is out of money.”

The demonstrators were protesting US airstrikes that killed 25 fighters, after a rocket attack on an Iraqi Army base late last week killed a US contractor and injured several American troops.

Ms. Ortagus said the attackers were not legitimate protesters, but “terrorists that are organized, trained, and equipped by the Iranian regime.”

But, the fact that the Pentagon has dispatched an infantry battalion of about 750 soldiers to the Middle East does not mean the administration is seeking another war, she said.

That’s not what we’re doing here, but we are holding the Iranian regime accountable and we are protecting and defending ourselves,” Ms. Ortagus said, adding that The administration is “completely confident” the Embassy is secure.

Wednesday, the Iran-backed militia withdrew from the US Embassy compound after 2 days of clashes with American security forces, but tensions are still high and further violence could occur.

Iran has denied being behind the attack on the Embassy, 1 of the most heavily fortified US missions worldwide.

Ms. Ortagus also said President Trump’s economic pressure campaign against Iran has been an effective measure.

We can pursue peaceful diplomacy with the Iranian regime while also continuing our maximum economic pressure campaign, while also defending ourselves,” she commented. “To say that it’s a war with Iran or nothing is just a fundamental misunderstanding of how foreign policy actually works.”

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