Have You Noticed, the US Government Wants an End to Cash

Have You Noticed, the US Government Wants an End to Cash

Have You Noticed, the US Government Wants an End to Cash

Most Americans do not know this, but their “Uncle Sam” has his nose in just about every financial transaction that happens.

For years now, if a US citizen travels with more than $10,000 in cash it must be declared, or risk forfeiture to the Feds.

Also, if you want to take that amount of money out of your bank or any bank, they bank must fill out a report. Do it often enough, and your government may get suspicious that you are doing it for a criminal reason.

$10,000 is the official limit, but banks get inquisitive at lower amounts.

Depending on where you bank, there is no telling how low a withdrawal will be before an nosey banker starts acting as a proxy for the government.

This is all part of the US government’s War on Cash.

The European Central Bank (ECB) just announced that the 500 Euro note is being discontinued. And there have been high level calls in the US to get halt the $100 bill.

The US Fed has asked banks to stress test their balance sheets for negative interest rates, while at the same time saying it will continue to raise rates.

The US governments is getting increasingly skeptical about “We the People” holding onto our own money.

That is why the latest rally in Gold and Silver is starting to look like a genuine rally. And it is also a reason to store some cash, you should always try and do what the government does not want you to do.

The Big Q: What is wrong with holding cash?

The Big A’s:  If your cash is not in a bank, it is not as easily trackable, and a bank cannot use that money to make loans or buy US Treasury’s while only keeping a fraction on hand in cash.

In this War on hard money, that began in the 1950’s, the facts are clear, meaning it is going to be harder to hold cash going forward. The government will want to make it costlier to do so. At the same time, something like negative interest rates will make it more expensive to keep your money in a bank too.

I have been watching this evolve over the years and if I am right, and the War on Cash heats up, we could start seeing major bank runs for the 1st time since the Great Depression as depositors rush to take money out of negative-interest bearing accounts for the relative safety of cash.

In this environment, both physical cash, Gold and Silver are prudent assets.

Have a terrific weekend.

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