North Korea Situation Report

North Korea Situation Report

North Korea Situation Report

UK Plans For World War 3

Top military brasses are now looking at how Britain would respond if Kim Jong-un does instigate war on the Korean Peninsula.

It comes amid fears the regime is planning on launching a Hydrogen Bomb today.

Pyongyang is preparing to celebrate the Worker’s Party of Korea – Kim’s ruling regime – with a national celebration on October 10.

Tensions have reached new heights this year as Donald Trump launched a war of words with Pyongyang.

Yesterday, the US President cryptically tweeted “only one thing will work” against North Korea.

Kim believes securing nuclear weapons will protect his regime from any attempt to depose him by the US.

Kim Jong-un Promotes Sister, Kim Yo-jong.

The promotion was announced along with those for dozens of other top officials at a meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea on Saturday in the capital, Pyongyang.

The Central Committee is one of the leadership committees of the party, consisting of the politburo – the highest executive organ – as well as the secretariat.

Since inheriting power from his father in 2011, Kim has placed his younger sister in various positions in order to strengthen the position of the family within the country’s leadership.

She has frequently been seen accompanying her brother on his “field guidance trips” and other events and is known to have been involved in the party’s propaganda operations.

Both were born to the late former ruler Kim Jong-il and his third partner, former dancer Ko Yong-hui. The family has ruled North Korea since its creation in 1948.

In January, the US Treasury blacklisted Kim Yo-jong along with other North Korean officials over “severe human rights abuses”.

During Saturday’s party meeting, Kim acknowledged the country faced with “ordeals” under a “stern” situation, but claimed that its economy had grown this year despite ever-tighter sanctions.

He described the North’s atomic weapons as a “treasured sword” to protect it from aggression.

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