North Korea Must be Bombed Now

North Korea Must be Bombed Now

Pyongyang successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) this month.

That is a serious danger to global stability, North Korea has a history of selling weapons, including chemical weapons to terrorists.

North Korea had two shipments destined for the Syrian government agency responsible for chemical weapons intercepted in the past six months, according to a United Nations security council report.

North Korea continue to sell its weapons know-how to Syria and Iran despite international pressure from Donald Trump and the United States.

Kim Jong-un will sell North Korea’s weapons to anyone “who is willing to pay the price” as the rogue state becomes harder up thanks to US sanctions.

In 2017, North Korea test-launched 2 ICBMs, the second of which had sufficient range to reach the continental United States. In September 2017 the country announced a further “perfect” hydrogen bomb test. The same uncertainty as to the type of weapon tested applies, as it did to the 2016 test.

This is a serious threat to global security that the world must move to stop.

South Korea Discovers Xenon After Hydrogen Bomb

Seoul started collecting radioactive nuclides and increased its radiation monitoring level following Pyongyang’s nuclear test, according to numerous reports from the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.

Xenon was first detected in the sample collected by “the stationery capturing equipment installed on land”, the commission’s report said September 8. However, at that time it wasn’t clear whether the xenon level was linked to the North’s test.

The amount of the radioactive gas detected is some 0.43 milibecquerel per cubic meter, the commission said, as cited by Yonhap news agency.

This amount would not have any effects on public health as South Korea’s radiation levels remain normal, the commission added.

Xenon, a colorless and odorless gas, occurs naturally and can be found in mineral springs, asteroids and the Earth’s atmosphere. It is often used in the manufacture of lighting. However, its isotope xenon-133 does not occur naturally. Small amounts of it is used in medicine for diagnostic inhalation only, according to medical websites.

Exposure can cause nausea, convulsions and a potentially fatal coma, according to the Lantheus medical website. It has been known to cause cancer and adverse reproductive effects.

The test aggravated the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula even further. In response to North Korea’s actions, South Korea and the US began discussions on the deployment of an aircraft carrier and strategic bombers in the region.

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