No More Beauty Pageants

No More Beauty Pageants

No More Beauty Pageants

As Liberal madness sweeps the world the nutters in charge of Miss Germany have followed the nutters in charge of Miss America to turn beauty pageants in to “personality contests” but not any personality is welcome, what they want are devout Liberals who will discuss things like Social Issues, and of course the most points will go to ones that spew forth the fluff filled left wing social diatribe that makes the rest of humanity want to vomit.

Much like the Anti-Women F1 ban on Grid Girls, this trend will not survive, other organizations will take up the challenge and stage bikini inclusive beauty pageants and take market share away from those seeking to alter the culture of people against their will.

The majority of us in the western world do not want to live under Taliban rule, we do not wish to adopt the practices of other cultures for one very simple reason, it is not our culture, we are not ashamed of our heritage and we will not be forced to change.

As evidence of how much we love our bikini girls take a look at how popular the bikini posts on Instagram are:

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Contestants in the Miss Germany beauty pageant will no longer strut their stuff in skimpy bikinis, as organizers are set to remove the ‘swimwear’ category. They say the contest will now focus on “personality.”

“We want to turn Miss Germany into a personality [contest],” said pageant CEO Max Klemmer. “For that, the bikini was not very relevant.” Contestants will now pose in more modest ‘summer outfits’ instead, from next year’s pageant onwards. The new rules apply to men too. “Mister Germany” will sacrifice its swimwear category in favor of a jeans-and-shirt section.

Personality-centered or not, Klemmer insists that looks will still play a part in the contest, as good looks indicate a healthy lifestyle.

His decision follows the lead of Miss America’s organizers, who eliminated the swimsuit category earlier this year. Instead of showing off their bodies in revealing bikinis, contestants will show off their wit, intelligence, and “talk about their social-impact initiatives.”

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